Why Does Branding Matter?

Branding is how your company relates to your customers, and gives the consumer an idea of what to expect from your product or service. Markings and logos help identify your product, and having a clear mission can help customers gravitate to what you’re offering.

We often use this concept to refer to brand management or strategy, but they are two concepts that interrelate.

I used to work with a guy who loved doing the New York Times crossword puzzle every weekend. He’s wicked smart, and could finish it in an hour or two.  One day, he challenged me to do the puzzle.  It took me the whole day, but I did learn that they love to use the word “mete.” It means: to measure out. This word stuck to my memory like Velcro®.

Why am I bringing this up? BECAUSE: Using a brand name to illustrate a circumstance is a perfect example of how brand recognition can influence our culture, and our use of language. It’s also a good example of what branding means.

Now think about the following:

  • brand recognition using a logo
  • meeting customer needs
  • focus groups
  • good content
  • pricing strategy
  • offering value in comparison to similar brands
  • audience engagement
  • exposure across multiple media
  • planning your social media output using analytics as a guide
  • eCommerce experience

These are all parts of a good brand management plan.  One of the ways you can help materialize your vision is to do your research and learn what your customers want. Mete your promotional material in a way that creates interest, increases demand and engages loyal subscribers. As an example, post longer articles once a week and shorter info bites with photos or videos daily.

While there are several approaches you can take when designing a plan for your brand, its presence on the internet and in your advertising needs to be consistent so your audience is receiving your message loud and clear. This builds brand equity, which adds value to your company.

Consider companies like Starbucks® or Illy®, big names in the coffee industry. Their branding is recognizable across their media platforms. If they didn’t have good branding, they would be a blank cup, and consumers wouldn’t be able to differentiate them from their competitors.

This means that logos, fonts, colours and names need to be coordinated so brand recognition is easy. Working with a web designer or graphic artist can help take the guesswork out. Place your logo on all of your advertising and publications.

Another option is to learn how to build a website using a template like WordPress or SquareSpace, and there is software that can help you create a logo.

Remember to respect asset guidelines when using other brands in your media, such as not making their logo the focus of a webpage. Doing so could be misleading to your audience by implying endorsement or a partnership. Always consult the company for policies on usage.

To learn more about social media marketing strategy, branding and styling, contact me for a complimentary consultation.


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