Insta-Famous Photos and Brand Development

If you didn’t already know that I’m an avid Instagrammer…now you do!  My account is called @what_lisa_sees. Admittedly, self promotion isn’t easy for me. I recently began taking my own advice, and have focused on a few key topics like nature, architecture, and select businesses. This approach helped my audience grow. 

Marketing is about selling the product by convincing the consumer that it’s worth their money, so why not invest in a strategy that shows you stand behind your product? The lifestyle blog market is over saturated, so you really need to think about how you can make your company stand out. You can do this by developing your brand recognition through social media.

Brand development

Your social media output needs to be consistent across all platforms. Consider which applications and communities would best suit your company culture and audience. If your product is service-based, you may consider investing in a blog that you can share on Twitter or LinkedIn. If you’re selling something that fits into a lifestyle such as food, cosmetics or fashion, you may want to spend more resources on a stellar Instagram feed.

Updates to many applications allow photos, video and text to appear on each post. This is great news for anyone who is developing a brand on social media! Ideally, your media will have a consistent theme and a target audience to engage. This helps build relationships and gain their loyalty and support. Remember not to get too caught up in how many followers your account has. It’s better to have a core group of engaged followers than a lot of ghost accounts just taking up space.

What do I mean by Insta-Famous photos?

I’m not a professional photographer, but I have learned about key elements of what makes a photo pleasant to look at. A few of my snaps were featured by businesses that I think are smashing, so that was pretty exciting! (featured as part of the slideshow below) Check out their accounts for some fun ‘grams: @conservationhalton  @elephantcastle  @capecodchips @jcrew

You can learn a lot by looking at how other businesses promote their products or services via Instagram. I cringe when I see an account full of memes or only words appear in each post. I’d rather see that they’ve put in some effort to showcase their product in a way that will entice their audience into looking deeper, click on the link in their profile, or tag a friend!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do I need a fancy camera?

I shot all of these photos using my iPhone 6/6S, and often edit them using the free VSCO Cam application that I downloaded from my phone’s App Store.  Android phones also have a variety of options to help you make your snaps look sharp and visually appealing.

There are even some applications (e.g. @Mextures) that will transform your photos into works of art, and can help you define your photography style. If you need proof, take a look at @mexturescollective and @kateessmith and you will be transported to an ethereal world of images.

Where do I start?

Running a small business or startup often means that your budget for professional photography can be limited. Why not try learning how to do some of the work yourself?

If you don’t know where to begin, just start snapping photos of things and people you like. Sign up for a photography class if you want a more formal introduction, or contact me for a 1-hour tutorial that covers the basics on how to:

  • create a profile that can be applied across several social media platforms
  • plan your feed so your brand develops consistently
  • engage your followers, choose which accounts to follow, and protect your account from spam
  • frame a shot that has good composition
  • understand how light affects your camera or phone’s ability to create an image
  • find applications that suit your brand’s aesthetic to edit your photos and create a visually pleasing effect
  • write captions, use the right hashtags (what’s a hashtag, you ask? Mashable did a pretty good job explaining it. Click here) and how “tagging” works

Send me your posts via Direct Message on Instagram! I can’t wait to see what you create.

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